cliffs, church and a weird barbeque

We are going at breakneck speed to do as much as possible while the film people are still here. In the last 24 hours we have been seeing sunsets over cliffs and mountains, been to a township church with a truly inspirational and uplifting¬†choir and then over to a ‘barbeque’ in the same township. This was actually an hour wait-in-line to select meat, meat and more meat, that was then handed over to ‘The Briemaster’ in charge of industrial scale barbequeing, which you then could take into a fenced off area¬†in the township which, well, was just going OFF! Music and dancing and meat. Africans, including poor Africans, seriously like to have fun. Sam wasn’t sure about the party, and I wouldn’t want to go there at night, but a series of amazing experiences.