Sam’s second blog



I would like to tell you all my opinion of Africa. I have being in Africa since April 1st 2015.

I’ve seen lot of things and met lots of people. It has been a tough experience.

I’d been in South Africa for nearly a whole month and I started off at Cape Town and Max the camera man had been there for filming us for the first 8 days in the whole trip and spent 6 days at Cape Town and then we went to Hermanus and stayed there for 2 days and Mossel Bay and Wilderness and Port Elizabeth and Chintza and Coffee Bay and Sarni Pass and Durban and then we travelled to Namibia.

The good bits were shops at Durban such as game shops, KFC and many more and also other things.

The bad bits were visiting and helping and saying hi to the Malawi children at preschool and African babies wah noises.

The thing that I enjoyed the most is going to the Durban shopping mall.

My blue DS is missing but they might find it eventually but Mum is going to give me another DS as a replacement or as well as the other 2.

Gabriel is a man we met in Namibia who has glasses and went to the desert in Namibia for 2 nights at a house.

I was happy about Uganda because it had McDonalds and KFC. I had a bad cough and bad sneeze for no more than 1 or 2 weeks. I got a fever for 2 days and I had being in Red Chilli for 9 days.

I met a guy named Mike who lives in Windhoek and I went to his house.

I have being in most rooms in Chameleon backpackers.

Overall, I liked South Africa the best.