Sam’s final post

Hi, this is Sam and I’ll tell you about my African trip.

The big fact of my African trip is I’ve been to 10 countries in 6 months and I have just ended the trip. The reason that I had to go to Africa is to learn about Africa and lots of other like talking to people and organising things. I have met a lot of people such as tourists and locals but unfortunately some places only had locals which is not fair.  I was very unhappy when the Malawi preschool children try to scare the chicken away. I think this is animal cruelty so the Malawi woman and children are sometimes cruel to animals.

I only had been to McDonald’s 2 times in the whole African trip. Dad and I have been robbed once in Dar es Salaam which was very nasty. I have seen all of the animals except for gorillas. I have done white water rafting which was crazy fun and on a helicopter which was cool.

Bad things included getting sick in Uganda (I had to go to the hospital) and scary stuff like bad places like Zimbabwe.

Overall, I have enjoyed the trip and I’ve learnt a lot of stuff.

Cheers Sam.

PS Scroll through the pictures.