it’s all happening!

As many of you may now know, Benison, Sam and me are moving at the end of the year to Berry, a beautiful small town two hours’ drive south from Sydney. Benison’s parents have lived there for many years, and all of us have grown to love the town and area over our regular visits over the years.

Sam’s take on our tree-change has been in the usual Sam-style.

‘Will I have my own room?’

‘Will I be able to take my video collection?’

‘You’re not going to throw out any of my stuff are you?’

Also on the radar is the release of Sam’s Best Shot (Allen & Unwin), the book about our epic Africa journey. While all the stories on the blog are contained in the book, there was, of course, a lot more involved with the trip, and that will be revealed in the book, which is being released in late July.

The last piece of news is to announce the launch of my new parenting website  Here you will see regular blogs on parenting and development issues, such as how to handle tantrums, how to communicate with children and how to foster a good relationship with your child. Also available for purchase on the website is my comprehensive book on children and children’s health, kidsense.

So, that’s enough from us for now! Here’s to Berry, and here’s to fun with our kids.